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Turning rescued dogs into 
medical detection dogs.


Half of the world’s
population has limited
access to diagnostics

A simple mammogram is for many a distant reality. But if doctors and lab tests can’t get to them, we needed to find a solution that could: dogs

Dogs can detect cancer with nearly 100% accuracy, even before a tumor has formed

With a few months of training, they can also learn to identify malaria, diabetes, COVID-19, Parkinson’s and more. Breast cancer is just the beginning for us.

Saving dogs to save people

In every continent, there are remote communities without basic healthcare and dogs left to die in shelters. So why not save our four-legged friends to save people?


We deliver our testing bones to the remotest locations

Dogs Without Borders crew members take the odor collection kits to places where the closest hospital is usually hundreds of miles away.

3 Continents